Be a part of helping us preserve and maintain our Historical Vehicles!

We are always looking for sponsors and donations of all kinds! For more information go to our contact us page or our donation page.

Here are some places we are proud to be affiliated with!


Los Angeles Parks and Recreation – The Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department is allowing us to use the property for the museum.
The United States Army Corps of Engineers – The Army Corps of Engineers is the master lease holder of the property that our museum is located on.




Sunmight USA – Sunmight USA is a huge supplier of automotive abrasives/sandpaper.




Digital Ranch Productions  – Digital Ranch Productions has been one of the tech advisers for the museum for over ten years and produces Mail Call and Dog Fights for the History Channel.
Cardinal Industrial Finishes – Cardinal Industrial Finishes has been the sole supplier of the finest water based automotive finishes that are California certified for over twenty years.
Brush Research Manufacturing – Brush Research Manufacturing has supplied the museum with wire brushes and ball hones for over twenty years.



Hutchins Manufacturing – Hutchins Manufacturing has been the museum’s supplier of the highest quality air tools for automotive restoration for over twenty years.
Herb Epple Enterprises – Herb Epple Enterprises donates miscellaneous materials to the museum, mainly surplus aviation equipment for over twenty years.
Garrett Metal Detectors – Garrett Metal Detectors donated to the museum a metal detector for use in our birthday parties.



Fort MacArthur – Fort MacArthur is a fine artillery, armory, and air museum that has worked together with our museum for over ten years to boost our public displays and popularity.



Electro-Tech, Inc. – Electro-Tech, Inc. fixed our voltage regulator in our newly renovated shop.

Kenny Sandblasting Co. –  Kenny Sandblasting has supplied all sand blasting needs for the museum for over thirty years.