Donating to the Museum

If you are interested in preserving history, our museum is always accepting donations. We are a 501c non profit, and we currently rely on admission, gift shop sales, and rentals to keep the museum running. Thank you for your help in keeping history alive!

Patreon Link:

Alternatively, you can pick us as your charity through the Amazon Smile Program.


We are selling some of our surplus equipment on eBay. We are starting out with some M1 Carbine ammo pouches, reproduction Marine caps, and ammo cans. Look for the seller americanmilitarymuseum. Also, links for new listings will be provided on our Facebook.

Wish List

Running a military museum requires many supplies, and we’re always in need of equipment to help maintain the quality of our museum. We want to give our visitors the best experience we can, and every donation makes a huge difference! Thank you for all your support!

-Power Tools,  Auto/Body Shop Tools

Our museum constantly employs a vast range of tools ranging from chainsaws to needle scalers, and could always use more equipment to increase the amount of people that can work at a given time.  We are also planning to make a volunteer toolbox, and need more tools to do so.

– Shop Air Compressor 5hp 220v/1 Phase Vertical or Horizontal

To repaint and maintain our vehicles, we need air compressors to power our equipment.

– Small 1000/2000 Watt CARB Compliant Generator

A generator is needed for events.

– Small 2,500 lb Car Trailer

We need a car trailer that can be towed by SUV so we can bring materials to events.

Camping Chairs

We have art classes that come to draw, and would like to provide more chairs for them to learn in a comfortable environment.

-Disinfecting Wipes

We go through about one large container of disinfecting wipes a month. We would like to keep our museum as clean as possible, which is a challenge when we are an outdoor museum.

Thank you all for your support!