Museum News

January 14th,  2018

Big thank you to our volunteer Mary for painting the stars on the half-track! We are almost at completion, thanks to the many volunteers that have helped out. More updates to come!


January 1st, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! We started off the year by cleaning some of our vehicles! We also will continue cleaning up and repainting our half-track. 

December 30th, 2017

More priming and painting! Our half-track is coming along nicely!

December 27th, 2017

More process pictures of our half-track! We are getting into priming, and will next work on the interior and the quad mount!

December 26th, 2017

Our half-track is currently getting a new paint job! Soon we will get it to look as good as new, so stay tuned for more pictures!

December 22nd, 2017

Our Jeep is almost done! All we have to do is put on the markings and we’ll put it out on display. We will also use it for parades and other PR events.

December 13th, 2017

We are now selling Heng Long 1/16th scale RC trucks for $50 each. Get yours before they’re all gone!

December 10th, 2017

We raised the new sign today to be a lot taller! It is now visible from the highway.

December 9th, 2017

We have 3in and 5in shells for sale! 3in are $10 and 5in are $20. Come claim one today!

December 3rd, 2017

Our Jeep getting a facelift! We are in the process of restoring this Jeep to use for different events, and will also be on display in the museum!