The American Military Museum has been fortunate to have a long history of volunteers, be it people that just want to volunteer or people that have gone through a community service program and decided to join us as regular volunteers. All volunteers are from different and diverse walks of life. We like to believe that the time spent here helps out in their futures by learning interaction with others, people skills, communication and teamwork. The importance of showing up on time, when you say you will show up and staying until a project is completed, even if it takes linger than estimated! Learning small things like how to take care of their vehicle, weather it is checking air in a tire, changing a flat or changing their own oil. Diagnosing and repairing a vehicle or  small engine, learning body work on their car or something at the Museum. How to safely and properly use automotive, woodworking and grounds maintenance tools. We are proud that our volunteers have gone on to places like Polaris, Cummins, the aviation industry, auto industry, MTA, Nursing and many other industries. We are excited that our volunteers have been accepted to colleges such as Wellesley, Mt SAC, PCC, Annapolis, West Point, USAF Academy and many other places of higher learning.

To all of our volunteers, THANK YOU! We would not be who we are if it were not for you and we hope you carry a small part of your time here with you in your life’s journeys!