Another update on the M62, 5 ton Medium Wrecker.  We were able to un-stick the front winch and get some slack in the line so that we might un-spool the cable and re wind it correctly. Upon further inspection, we have found that the rear winch has also been run up tight. We will tackle that at a later date. We were able to raise the wrecker boom and put it on the small bars in the fully extended positions so that we may continue work on the hydraulic system. We have also spot painted various parts of the truck, body work is continuing and we will tie in all the painted spots most likely after the dirty hydraulic work gets done. The hydraulic work is expected to be rather expensive, if you are reading this and are enjoying seeing the progress on the Wrecker and the other small projects wer are doing, please navigate to the “donate to the Museum” page and send us a donation via PayPal or Patreon. We need help on this one!