Click above for a copy of our tour guide, available for you to download to become knowledgeable on pieces we have on display!

 If you prefer to have a digital copy of the tour book, we also have QR codes on display of each language guide onsite so you will be able to access the full tour guides on your phone or any wireless device

A video project made by our local Boy Scouts highlighting some of our really neat items!


Some of Our Highlight Pieces

The M47 “Patton” Medium Tank

The M551 “Sheridan” Light Tank

 The M5A1 “Stuart” Light Tank
The Cadillac “Gage Commando” M706 or V-100 Armored Car, as seen in the movie “Straight Outta Compton”

M53 155mm Self-Propelled Gun

M43 HMC – One of only 24 built, the M43 mounts an 8-inch howitzer on a Sherman tank chassis


1965 Bell/Huey UH1-M Gunship with some fresh paint. Sept. 2023

1943 GMC Chassis with a Wayne Bus Body, AFKX Mobile Small Arms Repair Van